Plastic Profile Extrusions for the Point of Purchase Industry


With nearly 35 years of experience servicing the Point of Purchase (P.O.P.) industry, we understand the many challenges & demands that your customers place upon you:

  • Quotes, turned around quickly and accurately
  • Unique and changing designs
  • On time delivery given short lead times
  • Competitive pricing
  • Quality displays, merchandisers, and showcases

We want to make your job working with us simple and easy so that you can better serve your customers and meet their ever changing challenges & demands. We cannot simply deliver a quality product, on time, and at the “right” price. We must go beyond these requirements!

We go beyond these requirements by offering:

  • An interactive and intuitive website
  • Instant quotes available 24/7
  • Knowledge and expertise of P.O.P. profile design & engineering
  • Various material options
  • Minimal tooling time and cost
  • Online purchasing of profiles & channels
  • Many secondary operations including drop shipping & fulfillment
  • Superior customer service

Our mission is to be your Benchmark Supplier, not simply your preferred vendor of plastic profiles and channels. We would be honored to provide you with a quote and earn your business.

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Point of Purchase Display with colorful markers
On shelf clear graphic and price tag holders
Point of Purchase Display with colorful markers
In store showcases & fixtures