Plastic Living Hinges (Flex Hinges)

Jifram’s living (flex) hinges are co-extruded using polyurethane and bonded to high impact PVC. As a result, our living hinges, acting as mechanical hinges, are engineered and manufactured to provide almost unlimited open-close cycles --- and they always return to their original angle.

As a supplier to the POP Industry for over 30 years, manufacturing living hinges is a CORE competency of ours!  Our hinges have been field tested, quality - approved, and are available in many sizes, shapes, and configurations.

Advantages of a Living Hinge

• Engineered to provide almost unlimited open-close cycles
• Performs well at low temperatures and is UV Resistant
• Acts as a mechanical hinge
• Manufactured in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and configurations

If you have a project requiring durable hinges, we are your source!  For more information about living hinges call 920-467-2477 or email customer service. Our customer service and/or engineering experts will be happy to assist you.

Living hinge sample 1 Enter H226 in Tool Number for Instant Quote

Sample 1 Schematic Drawing (H-226)

Living hinge sample 2

Image of raw plastic pallets

Living hinge sample 3