Acrylic Profiles

Crystal Clear Plastic Profile Extrusions

Plastic extrusions manufactured in acrylic are a very popular option for many applications where a crystal-clear material is needed. Acrylic is a transparent plastic that has gained widespread use because of its ability to replace glass in many situations providing advantages in both cost and durability. It affords the following properties: excellent optical light transmission, outstanding resistance to sunlight and UV without discoloring, superior chemical resistance and general purpose or heavier-duty grades.

Some of the more popular uses of acrylic are: signs, sales displays, lenses and screens, tubing, light lenses, retail store data strips, electrical components, slatwall shelving, sight tubes, refrigerated displays, architectural rulers, agriculture and heavy equipment, bath and shower, marine and other recreational products.


Industries Served - P.O.P.

Build your brand equity with crystal clear profiles out of acrylic -- and construct a stunning display. High-end products call for a show-stopping presentation. Crystal clear acrylic will ensure your graphics shine through to make lasting impressions. Many commercial products demand a high degree of rigidity, durability with transparent properties that hold up indoors and outdoors. Our acrylic extrusions will deliver profiles that elevate your overall design and enhance its longevity.

If your next project requires crystal clear extrusions, our engineers will ensure that the design and production provide you with the specs you require at a 99.9% quality rating. Whether an application calls for balancing light diffusion with transparency for LED signage or custom tints for commercial or consumer products, Jifram Extrusions has the technical expertise to bring your products to market quicker and provide you with a competitive advantage.  


Other Industries Served

  • Point of purchase (signage & display)
  • Home furnishing
  • Office furniture
  • Industrial
  • Visual merchandising
  • Automotive
  • Recreational
  • Medical
  • O.E.M. machinery
  • Electrical
  • Agriculture products
  • Building supplies
  • Window & Blind


Other Competencies

  • Custom plastic extrusion profiles up to 22 1/2" wide and 7" tall
  • Tubing to 4" round
  • Multi-durometer and multi-color custom plastic extrusions
  • Tolerances of 0.010" or better — exceeding industry standards
  • Co and tri-extrusions
  • Grippers
  • Living hinge

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